Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

Revoluzion Decentralized Exchange Introduction

Revoluzion decentralized exchange (DEX) is a type of cryptocurrency exchange that operates without a central authority. This means that it does not rely on a third party to hold the assets of its users or facilitate trades. Instead, trades are conducted directly between users (peer-to-peer) through the use of smart contracts on a blockchain.

It's important not to confuse a simple dex swap with a true decentralized exchange (dex). A simple dex swap is just a user interface that relies on the backend of another dex, while a true dex has both a frontend and a backend that are developed in-house.

Revoluzion DEX development offers full frontend and backend development, including router, pair, and factory smart contracts, to provide a fully functional and decentralized exchange experience.

Here's how Revoluzion DEX works:

  1. Users can browse Revoluzion DEX's swap interface at any time to find a token they want to exchange for another.

  2. It utilizes an automated market maker (AMM) model, which means that users can trade tokens directly with each other without the need for a centralized or decentralized order book.

  3. Our Revoluzion platform uses an algorithm to calculate the price of a trade based on the value of the liquidity pool, the impact on the price, the amount of slippage, and any taxes that may be incurred. The minimum amount of tokens you will receive is also taken into consideration in the calculation.

  4. Once you submit the swap on Revoluzion platform, our smart contract automatically executes the trade and transfers the assets between the liquidity pool and the user.

One advantage of DEXs is that they allow users to retain control of their assets, as they are not held by a central party. This can make them more secure than centralized exchanges, which have been the target of hacks in the past.

DEXs can also offer users more privacy, as they do not require users to go through the same level of Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures as centralized exchanges. However, DEXs can also have lower liquidity and higher fees than centralized exchanges.

What Can Revoluzion DEX Do?

One of the main benefits of using a DEX protocol like Revoluzion is that it allows users to retain control of their own assets. Transactions fees are also reduce from the normal 0.3% that most dex charge to only 0.2% for Revoluzion DEX (if you desire to just have a dex swap interface with Revoluzion backend)

Revoluzion also offers a number of other features and services, including:

  • A user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to navigate the platform and trade with confidence

  • The ability to earn rewards through liquidity by being a liquidity provider, where users can provide liquidity to certain trading pairs in exchange for a share of the trading fees generated by those pairs

  • A wide range of trading pairs and assets available for trade, including popular cryptocurrencies within the network.

  • Support for fast and cheap transactions, depending on the blockchain network, which offers low fees and high transaction speeds

  • Owners can whitelist any tokens they choose onto the swap interface, which can serve as a marketing tool

  • By developing your own DEX, you have the ability to set your own fees for user trades. You will receive a certain fee for each trade made on the platform

With your own developed DEX, you have the ability to set any fees you desire for users of the platform. These fees can also be split with liquidity providers and allocated to your own treasury for development purposes.

Revoluzion DEX Development Process

Revoluzion offers clients the flexibility to choose the type of configuration they prefer for developing a DEX for their project. The options include:

  • DEX Swap interface only: This option involves developing a DEX swap interface only, allowing clients to utilize Revoluzion's backend for free. (client can choose between ready made interface with logo/theme adjustment or a full on design for extra charges)

  • Full DEX Swap interface: Revoluzion will develop a complete front end for the client, including a swap interface, liquidity provider interface, staking and farming interface, and clients can utilize Revoluzion's entire back end for free.

  • Smart contracts backend: If clients have their own front end or already have one, Revoluzion can develop the back end and integrate it with the frontend.

  • Router smart contract: Revoluzion will develop a router smart contract only for the client with its own fees rate that goes to client.

  • DEX Swap interface with router smart contract: Revoluzion will develop a front end swap interface only with a router smart contract for the client.

  • Complete Setup: Revoluzion will develop and build a complete front end and back end for the client, including a full front end interface for DEX swap, liquidity interface, staking, farming interface, and a complete back end setup with the desired fees.

  • Modular setup: Revoluzion can also develop a modular setup for clients, allowing them to add certain functions in the future.

Overall, Revoluzion provides a range of options for clients to choose from, ensuring that they are able to develop a DEX that meets their specific needs and goals.

Revoluzion DEX Development Rate & Time Frame

Revoluzion offers a range of modular design development options at competitive prices for our clients to choose from.

All Revoluzion dApp and smart contract comes with a complete PenTest and Audit report.

Price list as follows:

  • Ready made DEX Swap interface only with Revoluzion back end : 500 BUSD

  • Full ready made DEX Swap interface : 1500 BUSD

  • Full Smart contracts back end : 3000 BUSD

  • Custom router smart contract : 1000 BUSD

  • DEX Swap interface with router smart contract : 1500 BUSD

  • Complete Setup Front end interface and smart contracts back end : 4500 BUSD

For a fully custom interface : additional 500 BUSD onwards

Looking for a fully customized smart contract and interface tailored to your specific requirements? Revoluzion is here to help! Contact us today at Revoluzion to get started.

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