Presale Categories

List Of Presale Categories On Revoluzion Launchpad Platform

Revoluzion Launchpad Presale Categories

Revoluzion offers a variety of launchpad protocols that project owners can use. Revoluzion is a platform where project owners can select the launchpad category that suits their needs and get access to the best of the best.

In order to provide a personalized experience for users, we have created a search bar, filter and sorted function. These functions help our users to filter and choose from the type of presale they are looking to invest in instead of browsing through every presale and saving their time.

Private Sale

The private sale is an early stage of fundraising that is similar to a seed sale. If you invest, you will not receive tokens until the project officially launches, not when presale is finalized. This launch type includes both a soft cap (SC) and a hard cap (HC). It may be whitelisted, open to the public, or both whitelisted and then made public after a certain time period.

There is a minimum and maximum contribution amount for this sale. Please note that this type of sale carries a higher level of risk, as there is no locking of liquidity once sale is finalized. It is recommended to only invest in private sale of projects that you have a strong understanding of and trust.

Fusion Sale

Coming Soon

Fixed Rate Sale

Fixed Rate presale is a more linear rate presale launch. The launch of this type has a soft cap and a hard cap, soft cap have the be more than 50% of the hard cap limit. It can be restricted to a whitelist, open to the public, or open to the public after a specified time limit.

There is also a maximum and minimum contribution amount. All investors will receive a fixed rate amount for the tokens when they invest, if someone were to invest 1 BNB, everyone else who invested 1 BNB will receive the same amount of tokens once presale ends.

Fair Rate Sale

Fair Rate presale is a more variable rate presale launch. This launch type has a soft cap but does not have a hard cap. There is no whitelist function and its open to the public, there are also no restrictions on the minimum or maximum contribution amount.It works exactly as all fair launch out there, the rate are constantly varying according to the amount of contributions to the presale.

For example, if there is 100 tokens for sale, and 100 BNB committed, and you bought in 1 BNB, you will receive 1 token, however, if total committed was only 50 BNB and you bought 1 BNB, you will receive 2 token. The rate per BNB to token receive will be same to everyone according to the amount that is committed for the presale.

Stealth Launch

Coming Soon

Subscription Launch

Coming Soon

Revoluzion take no responsibility for projects listed on our site. Revoluzion launchpad protocol is a decentralized platform that list sales automatically by project owners directly. When you don't trust the sale, we recommend not participating the sale. Users are always advice to conduct their own research and due diligence when utilizing the platform.

Disclaimer: Revoluzion has a zero-tolerance policy for fraudulent activity and scams. In the event that a project is found to be engaging in such behavior, with evidence, we reserve the right to cancel it in order to protect the safety and interests of our community and investors.

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