Additional Services Fee

Additional Services Fee

We are committed to offering as many services as possible to our users. With us, you can find everything you need in one place - we offer a variety of services, do check out here for all the services provided by us.

Revoluzion only accepts payments through our dApp,, under the 'payment receiver' tab.

Please do not make payments through Telegram or any other means, as the Revoluzion team will never request payment in this way. All payments must be made through the designated dApp.

KYC / Doxx Services

KYC Services by Revoluzion - 300 Busd

Doxx Services by Revoluzion - 300 Busd

Smart Contract Services

Custom Smart Contracts by Revoluzion - 800 Busd onwards

Audit Services

Revoluzion audit per token - 500 Busd

Note: Revoluzion accept audits from any auditors as long legitimate for badge

Pinned Project Pool

Project pinned on presale listing page - 200 Busd / day Project pinned on Revoluzion Telegram group - 500 Busd / day

AMA Services

AMA in our Telegram Community - 300 Busd AMA recording pinned - (+) 200 Busd AMA will be recorded and posted on Telegram announcement channel, YouTube and Twitter.

Telegram Creation Services

Telegram Announcement Channel + Group + Portal + Welcome message - 100 Busd Telegram service comes complete setup, perfect for start up projects Telegram additional services - 10 Busd per services added

Telegram Buy Bot

Your own Telegram group - FOC for presale projects listed on Revoluzion presale Revoluzion Telegram group - 300 Busd / day

NFT Artwork Design

2D Sketch artwork NFT x 1 - 40 Busd 2D Sketch artwork 1080p size x 1 - 100 Busd 3D Design artwork NFT x 1 piece - 50 Busd 3D Design Logo x 1 piece - 30 Busd 3D Design artwork 1080p size x 1 - 120 Busd 3D Design artwork NFT x 500 multi generated pcs - 900 Busd

Escrow Payment Services

Escrow payment services by Revoluzion - 10 Busd / per txn

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