Revoluzion / Rubic Aggregator

On Revoluzion Cross-chain, you can swap 15,500+ tokens across 26 blockchains in one click. Due to the aggregation of 90+ DEXs & bridges, Revoluzion provides efficient transaction routing and speed, and the best rates.

The Revoluzion and Rubic teams have worked closely together to ensure that our cross-chain swap platform is secure and operates as smoothly as possible for our users. We have put a strong emphasis on security to give our users peace of mind when using our service. We are confident that our platform provides a reliable and secure way for users to access cross-chain swaps.

Revoluzion uses the Rubic cross-chain backend and supports the same documentation. The information provided below is based on Rubic's documentation and is fully supported by Revoluzion.

Why Choose Revoluzion / Rubic Aggregator?

  • Revoluzion is fully decentralized and does not require KYC.

  • Security is a top priority for Revoluzion and 24/7 support is provided.

  • Unlike other platforms, Revoluzion ensures that you always have sufficient liquidity for swaps.

  • Your funds remain in your wallet and are never stored on dApp

  • Transactions typically take a few seconds up to a maximum of 3 minutes.

  • You don't have to use multiple cross-chain bridges and DEXs to transfer your funds and you don't have to pay high fees.

To swap with Revoluzion, simply connect your wallet, select a source token and network, choose a target token and network, and click to complete the swap. Revoluzion offers several unique features that enhance the user experience, including the ability to specify a receiver address, view your past trades in the "My Trades" section, adjust gas fees, select a preferred cross-chain provider, and access the upcoming Liquidity Split feature.

Revoluzion uses the Rubic backend SDK to provide a seamless cross-chain swap experience for its users. Both Revoluzion and Rubic are committed to providing excellent support and a user-friendly platform for our users. Our goal is to make it easy for our users to access cross-chain swaps.

Rubic & Revoluzion Security

Security is a top priority for Revoluzion and we strive to stand out in terms of security. We have integrated multiple bridges and DEXs to ensure that if one provider becomes unavailable, we can redirect users to a different working provider. Revoluzion and Rubic has a large infrastructure, team, and developer support that allows us to continually innovate and enhance the security of our platform. Revoluzion never stores user funds on our front-end and all transactions are conducted through Rubic's API calls to other smart contracts.

Rubic’s Security Principles


Due to the aggregation of 70+ bridges and DEXs, Rubic and Revoluzion guarantees swaps and sufficient liquidity for a swap even if some of the providers stop operating, run out of liquidity, or get hacked. Thanks to Rubic’s model architecture (Cross-Chain, On-Chain, Status Manager, Token Manager, Revert Manager), it continues to execute basic functions even if there’s something wrong with other modules.


Rubic and Revoluzion doesn’t exploit any external servers: only Frontend and Blockchain. This significantly decreases attack vectors (like DDOS). To find the best swap deal for most of the cross-chain and on-chain providers, Rubic appeals to the provider’s API, and then the data is processed through their services.

24/7 Support and Auto-Refund Policy

Both Revoluzion and Rubic has 24/7 Live Support on Telegram, Discord, and built-in on our website. Also, we have a convenient auto-refund policy. In the case of specific transaction failures, Rubic’s team will complete your refund in the form of USDC tokens in 24 hours.

Open-Source Software

We’re built on open-source software: Our site, validators code, and smart contracts are publicly visible for maximum transparency (Github).

Rubic Security Measures

  • Audits (CertiK and Fairyproof) Bug Bounty Program

  • Status Monitoring

  • Additional security practices: performance monitoring, accident management, and Rubic’s SDK Process Management.

Revoluzion & Rubic’s Security Pillars

Performance Monitoring

To ensure the high performance of Rubic’s cross-chain tools, Rubic’s team utilizes Provider/Blockchain Monitoring Dashboard, scores providers for stuck transactions, daily volume, refunds, and checks out SDK live status.

Rubic utilizes automated tools for monitoring social networks for any potential risks with bridges or chains. If any issues arise, we use direct channels of communication with all bridges and providers to react quickly.

Accident Management

If any critical issue arises with one of Rubic’s integrated providers/blockchains, Rubic’s platform as well as Rubic’s SDK/Widget continue to function by taking the following measures: All of Rubic’s integrators are immediately notified (via Discord, Telegram).

  1. A compromised provider/bridge is paused in the smart contract and switched off for all integrators, whereas Rubic continues operating by redirecting transactions to other providers.

  2. In case of any issues with Rubic’s SDK, Rubic takes the same actions — immediate notification of its integrators and switching off of the compromised provider/bridge. Rubic’s technical support is also ready to assist 24/7.

To read the full documentation of Rubic click: Here

Read in more detail how Rubic maintains security for its cross-chain swaps: Here

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