Revoluzion Payment Channel

Revoluzion Payment Channel Documentation

Revoluzion Payment Channel

The Revoluzion payment channel is for users who need to make payments for manual services provided by Revoluzion. If you require to make payment for services rendered, please use payment tab to facilitate the transaction.

Revoluzion uses a payment channel receiver smart contract for several reasons. This type of smart contract is able to track payments more effectively, providing a more organized and efficient system. It also allows Revoluzion to re-track any payment whenever necessary, which can be helpful in certain situations. Additionally, the payment channel receiver smart contract allows Revoluzion to know the payment that was paid for and the information that comes with the payment, such as the sender and recipient. This can be useful for record-keeping and other purposes.

Using a payment channel receiver smart contract also helps to make the payment process more convenient for users. They can make payments whenever they want without needing to contact Revoluzion or go through any additional steps. Overall, the use of a payment channel receiver smart contract helps to improve the payment process and enhance the security and efficiency of the Revoluzion DApp.

Revoluzion only accept payments through our dApp under payment receiver tab - Revoluzion Payment Tab.

Payments are only to be made via the dApp, Revoluzion team will never request payment through Telegram or via wallet address.

Supported Payment Currency

The Revoluzion payment channel only accepts payment from the following list:

  • BUSD (BEP20 Network)

Currently, Revoluzion does not accept all cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. However, we are working on expanding our accepted forms of payment and plan to accept additional cryptocurrencies in the future. Please check back for updates on this matter.

It is recommended to contact Revoluzion directly through Telegram to provide additional details about your project or ask any questions you may have once payment is done.

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Payment Via Revoluzion DApp

To get started with the payment process, go to the Revoluzion payment channel tab and connect your wallet.

For users who prefer a visual guide, we also have a video tutorial available to help you understand how to deploy a token using the Revoluzion DApp.


For users who prefer a more detailed and visual guide, we have a tutorial available that combines text instructions with a screenshot walkthrough.

To make a payment through Revoluzion decentralized app (DApp), you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Connect Wallet: First, you will need to have a cryptocurrency wallet that is compatible with the DApp. Revoluzion supports several types of wallets, including injected wallets like Metamask and browser extensions, most mobile wallets like Trustwallet and Safepal, and Wallet Connect

  2. Select Network: You will need to select the currency you want to use for the payment. If you want to use BUSD, make sure you are on the correct network, which is the Binance Smart Chain BEP20. Revoluzion may also prompt you to change your network if you are not already on the correct one.

  3. Select Currency: Proceed to select the currency you want to use for the payment and enter the amount you want to pay. Revoluzion's payment channel accepts decimals up to 18, so users can even input very small amounts of currency, such as 0.000000000000000001 BUSD.

  4. Payment Info: Input all necessary information in the payment info tab, including your telegram handle. This will ensure that Revoluzion has all the necessary information about the payment and can contact you through your telegram handle if any additional information is needed on their end

  5. Approve Allowance: Every payment requires an allowance approval that is set to the specific amount that the user wants to pay and never more than that. This means that Revoluzion DApp will never approve a maximum allowance for safety reasons. This helps to prevent unauthorized payments or other security breaches.

  6. Proceed Payment: After transaction confirm the allowance, then click confirm on the wallet window that pops up for the payment transaction. You will receive a prompt once the payment is successfully completed.

Security and Confidentiality

View the Open-Source and Public Revoluzion Payment Receiver Smart Contract on the Smart Contract Explorer here : Revoluzion: Payment Receiver

Revoluzion places a high priority on security when it comes to payments made through our decentralized app (DApp). We understand that users want to be confident that their payments will be secure and that their funds will be used for the intended purpose. To ensure this, Revoluzion has implemented measures to make sure that allowance approvals are only set to the specific amount that the user wants to pay, and never more than that. This helps to prevent unauthorized payments or other security breaches.

Additionally, Revoluzion payment channel will never approve a maximum allowance for safety reasons. This further enhances the security of payments made through our DApp and helps to protect users' funds. By following these measures, Revoluzion ensures that users can make secure payments through their DApp with confidence.

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