Cross-Chain Swap

Revoluzion Cross-Chain Swap

Revoluzion has teamed up with Rubic Exchange to offer its users access to Rubic's cross-chain aggregator function and SDK. This enables users to conduct low-fee cross-chain swaps on the Revoluzion DEX platform. In addition, Revoluzion has plans to continue expanding and adding new features to its DEX in the future. By collaborating with Rubic Exchange, Revoluzion aims to provide its users with a wider range of options and a more seamless trading experience.

To take advantage of Revoluzion's Cross-chain feature, users must first connect their wallet. Once connected, they can browse through the available blockchain networks and select the tokens they want to swap. The Cross-chain platform will then perform internal calculations and load all the necessary data for the aggregator. It will also find the lowest fees for the cross-chain swap on behalf of the user. This process is designed to make it easy for users to quickly and efficiently swap their tokens with minimal fees.

There are three tabs for Revoluzion DEX Swap tab:

  • DEX Swap: For users who want to exchange tokens within the same blockchain network.

  • Cross-chain Swap: For users who want to exchange one native cryptocurrency for another native cryptocurrency on a different network

  • Fiat OnRamper: For users who want to instantly buy any cryptocurrency using fiat currency.

DEX Cross-Chain Tab Guide

Revoluzion DEX Cross-Chain Swap is a simple and straightforward process. Here's how to use it:

  1. In the top section, select the token you want to use for the cross-chain swap from the drop-down list of coins in your wallet.

  2. If you want to directly swap tokens from one blockchain to another blockchain and exchange them for a different token, you can do so as long as the cross-chain swap function supports it.

  3. Type in the amount of the coin you want to cross-chain swap or click the "max" button to select the maximum amount.

  4. In the bottom section, select the coin you want to receive after the cross-chain swap from the drop-down list.

  5. If you want to exchange a token from one blockchain for a different token on another blockchain and the desired token is not listed in the drop-down list, you can try searching for it using the search bar or inputting the token's smart contract address. This may allow you to access the option for the cross-chain swap.

  6. If you encounter an error while attempting a cross-chain token swap, you can try clicking or hovering over any displayed tooltips for more information about the error. It's possible that the cross-chain swap function does not currently support the specific tokens you are trying to exchange.

  7. Slippage is set to "auto" by default but higher for cross-chain swap approx 4-5%, but you can set your own preferred slippage if you wish (be aware that setting a slippage that is too low may cause the transaction to fail).

  8. the crosschain swap will take sometime approx 15-30 seconds to pull data from both network and aggregators to find the best rate for crosschain swap

  9. Review the details such as the minimum amount you will receive, the price impact, and the route.

  10. If everything looks good, click "cross-chain swap" and wait for the transaction to be processed on the blockchain.

  11. You will now receive your desired coin or token.

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