Services Price List

Below are the list of all Revoluzion Services and pricelist. All prices are estimates and are not fixed, contact us for the most accurate pricing. All pricing are in USD currency.

AUDIT SERVICES Our audit procedures are meticulously executed, typically concluded within a 24-hour timeframe. Complex logic evaluations may necessitate additional time and analysis. Unless otherwise communicated by Revoluzion, there's no specific timeframe guarantee. We offer one complimentary revision, with subsequent revisions billed at an additional 50% of the total fee. Below is the audit price structure:

  • Revoluzion token generated: $250+

  • Pinksale token generated: $250+

  • Other token types generated: $250+

  • Standard ERC20 token with tax: $250+

  • Reflection token: $300+

  • Dividend token: $350+

  • Complex dividend tier/staking integration/rebase/rebate token: $500+

  • ERC 721/ERC 1155: $500+

  • ERC 2535: $800+

  • Custom contracts (presale/factory/router/airdrop, etc.): $900+

  • Vault/Staking Contract: $800+

  • Complex custom contracts (access control/complex logics): Starting from $1,000+

SMART CONTRACT SERVICES Developing smart contracts typically requires between 24 to 120 hours, contingent on the complexity of the logic. We offer one complimentary minor revision, with additional changes costing 50% of the total charge. Below is the price structure:

  • Basic token smart contract without tax: $300+

  • Basic token with tax: $350+

  • Basic token with tax & liquidity injection: $400+

  • Reflection token with tax: $500+

  • Dividend token with tax: $500+

  • Rebase token with tax: $600+

  • Rebase token with tax and dividend: $850+

  • ERC 721/1155 token with basic logics: $800+

  • ERC 721/1155 with moderate complex logics: $1000+

  • ERC 721/1155 with high complexity logics for games, etc.: $1,500+

  • Lottery/Betting style contracts: $1,500+

  • ERC 2535 diamond contracts: $2,500+

  • ERC 1400 contracts: $1,800+

DECENTRALIZED APP (DAPP) DEVELOPMENT The timeframe for DApp completion is contingent on logic complexity. We provide one free minor change, with further adjustments incurring additional charges based on the scope of work. Here's the package pricing:

  • Starter Pack: $500 (Includes wallet connection, home page, premade layout, swap page with token integration, token data dashboard)

  • Mid Level Pack: $800 (Starter Pack + real-time charting system, token metrics, buy/sell history)

  • Advanced Level Pack: $2,000 (Custom layout & theme, all features from Mid Level Pack)

  • Revoluzion DEX Terminal Package: $8,000 (Full DEX terminal for all major EVM chains, global token metrics, multi-chart, swap & crosschain page, token scanners and charting page)

  • Staking DApp Package: $3,500 (Basic layout DApp with homepage, swap page, staking page, basic staking smart contract)

  • DApp with Private Sale Contribution Page: $3,000 (Basic layout DApp with homepage, swap page, private sale page, basic private sale smart contract)

  • DApp with Lottery Page: $3,500 (Basic layout DApp with homepage, swap page, lottery page, basic lottery smart contract)

Each package pricing is for base features. More complex structures or additional token contract inclusions will require further pricing adjustments based on logic complexity.

SAFU Certification Package Pricing. Please note that completion timelines are dependent on the complexity of the token type and its associated logic. We offer one minor amendment at no additional cost. Further modifications may incur extra charges depending on the extent of work required. Below is a summary of our package costs:

  1. SAFU Basic Token: $550+ (This excludes tax-related configurations)

  2. SAFU Tax Token: $650+ (Incorporates basic tax components such as marketing, liquidity injection, etc.)

  3. SAFU Dividend Token: $750+ (Includes both taxes and dividends)

  4. SAFU Complex Token Contract: $1,000+ (Includes complex and customized logic such as anti-sniper measures, anti front-run bot protections, custom functions, etc.)

  5. SAFU Fully Customized Token with Dividend: $1,200+ (Includes complex and customized logic such as anti-sniper measures, anti front-run bot protections, custom functions, etc.)

Additional Audit Report: $250 (The audit will be carried out by a certified PinkSale audit partner)

Please be aware that prices may fluctuate depending on additional factors such as management of private sales. The listed prices also cover the management of presales, although clients can choose to manage their own presale if they prefer.

DOXX Package AMA Package Pricing. Please note that once date and time is set, project owner is to adhere to the current timestamp, we provide free one revision of date/time changes before 12 hours of the set time. Any alteration there after is subject to $50 charges each revision. :

  1. DOXX badge AMA : $400

  2. DOXX badge AMA add on from SAFU package: $300

Please be aware of the criteria below for Doxx badge.

  • Project owner has to be on camera without filters or sort with minimal clear video pixel.

  • Project owner that conducted the KYC with PinkSale would be the one on video.

  • Project owner has to ensure that the video is publicly listed on YouTube.

  • Project owner has to answer any questions related to the project asked by the audiences.

  • Project owner has to be well verse on the project details.

  • Video AMA were to be conducted on Revoluzion Ecosystem Hub, recorded and screen shared from Revoluzion end.

  • Video AMA to be more then 15 mins in length and not more than 30 mins.


This agreement is entered into by and between the client ("Client") and Revoluzion Ecosystem ("Company"). By purchasing any of our services, the Client acknowledges and agrees to the following terms and conditions: Link to document :

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