Revoluzion DApp

The aim is to revolutionize the integration of multiple dApps as possible

Revoluzion DApp

The Revoluzion dApp is developed using NextJS with TypeScript and Vercel for server-side rendering. The combination of NextJS and Vercel is a state-of-the-art solution for Web3 dApp development, offering security, high performance, and advanced features.

By using NextJS and Vercel, all rendering is performed on the server side rather than the client side, resulting in fast navigation and improved user experience, particularly for users with low internet speeds. Overall, the use of NextJS and Vercel in the Revoluzion dApp offers a superior development platform for Web3 applications.

Link to DApp below:


The only Revoluzion DApp URL starts with and which are analytics dApp

Beware of phishing attacks and other forms of scam. Only interact with the official Revoluzion dApp, and be sure to check the URL to confirm that you are using the legitimate app. Do not connect your wallet or enter sensitive information on any other website or platform that claims to be the Revoluzion dApp.

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