Decentralized Exchange Introduction

Revoluzion (DEX) Introduction

Revoluzion decentralized exchange, or DEX, is a type of cryptocurrency exchange that operates on the Binance Smart Chain decentralized network, rather than a centralized server. This means that the exchange is not controlled by a single entity, but rather is run and maintained by a network of users.

Revoluzion decentralized exchanges allow users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies without the need for a central authority, which can provide greater security and privacy for users. On a decentralized exchange, the fees for swapping a token may vary depending on the structure of the token's smart contracts.

In contrast, on a centralized exchange, the fees for trading are typically fixed and are not tied to the specific smart contracts involved in the trade. This is because centralized exchanges typically handle trades off-chain, meaning that the transactions are not recorded on the blockchain.

Unlike many other decentralized exchange interfaces that rely on backend services provided by other DEXs such as PancakeSwap, Revoluzion DEX has its own unique structure that utilizes its own router, factory, and pair smart contracts. This means that the exchange is self-contained and does not rely on other DEXs for its operation.

Revoluzion DEX currently operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) but plans to expand to the Ethereum (ERC20) chain and potentially other blockchain networks in the near future.

What Is Revoluzion (DEX) Fees?

Revoluzion DEX allows users to swap their desired tokens on the Binance Smart Chain at any time. The exchange has one of the lowest fees in the industry, with a rate of only 0.20%. This is lower than the fee of 0.25% charged by PancakeSwap, another decentralized exchange.

Here's a breakdown of Revoluzion decentralized exchange fee:

  • 0.125% : Liquidity fee provider (for anyone who provide liquidity to the pair will get this incentive)

  • 0.045% : To be utilize for RVZ BuyBack & Burn quarterly

  • 0.030% : To be stored to Revoluzion treasury

  • 0.200% : Total trading fee

For example, if a user were to swap an amount of 10000 BUSD to USDT on BEP20 network, whereby, both USD rate are exact equal of 1:1 on every decimal point and all other parameters such as slippage etc set aside.

  • By using PancakeSwap exchange, users will get a fee charge of 0.25%, meaning user will receive of only 9975 USDT whereby 25 USDT is trading fee charges.

  • By using Revoluzion exchange, users will get a fee charge of only 0.20%, meaning user will receive of only 9980 USDT whereby 20 USDT is trading fee charges.

One of the main benefits of using Revoluzion DEX for token swaps is that it has a much lower fee rate compared to other exchanges. This means that users will receive more tokens per swap and pay lower fees. This can be especially attractive to users who are looking to maximize the value of their trades and minimize costs and save more overtime.

What Can Revoluzion (DEX) Do?

Revoluzion DEX currently offers token swapping, dashboard analytics, swap history, and liquidity pool functions. In addition, Revoluzion has partnered with Rubic Exchange to provide users with access to their cross-chain aggregator function and SDK, enabling low-fee cross-chain swaps. Revoluzion DEX has plans to continue expanding and adding more features in the future.

Revoluzion has integrated OnRamper's fiat payment gateway, allowing users to quickly and easily buy crypto with their local fiat currency. OnRamper's integration allows users to buy crypto from 95+ fiat currencies in over 180 countries, using 16 different payment methods. In addition, it supports over 200 different cryptocurrencies.

Revoluzion decentralized exchange is planning to add several new features in the future, including limit orders for buying and selling, staking functionality, liquidity farming, and a "send" function. The send function will allow users to swap one token for another and send it directly to a recipient's address, providing an easy way for users to receive the specific tokens they want. This feature will be especially useful for recipients who want to receive a different token than the one the sender currently hold.

To learn more about Revoluzion Decentralized Exchange, visit the dedicated subpage for this section of the documentation which includes tutorials and guidance.

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