Revoluzion Ecosystem Projects


Revoluzion Project

The future of the multi-dApp ecosystem is here! Revoluzion provides the best of all worlds, a one stop center for users globally. Features like launchpad, DEX swap and audit/smart contract services allow users to easily create and maintain their project without ever having to worry about hosting or scaling. Some of the best features have already been implemented and there's lots more to come!

Apocalypse NFT Gaming

The Apocalypse Play-To-Earn NFT game on the Binance Smart Chain. Players are able to recruit their heroes, craft, manufacture, enchant, destruct and upgrade their weapons, wands and shields to fight mobsters and gain level or even PVP among other players for stakes.

Luzion Protocol

The future protocol of Dual Reward with Auto-Staking, Auto-Compounding & BUSD Reflection all together! The first ever to have lowest buy tax protocol with proper security measures.

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