Token Creation Fee

Here is a list of our token creation service fees

Token Creation Service Fees

Revoluzion offers a secure, easy-to-use, and cost-effective service for creating tokens on various EVM blockchain networks. Our platform allows you to create your own token on any of these networks without any technical expertise. Our rates are highly competitive compared to other token creation platforms.

Every token created using the Revoluzion dApp comes with an anti-bot mechanism feature and a complimentary audit report. In addition, tokens will automatically receive a badge upon the creation of a presale.

Here is a list of our token creation service fees:

Simple Token - 0.1 BNB Standard Token - 0.5 BNB Reflection Token - 1 BNB Dividend Token - 1 BNB Dividend & Buyback Token - 1 BNB Dual Reward Token - 1.2 BNB Rebase Token - 1.2 BNB Rebase & Dividend Token - 1.5 BNB

Simple Token - 0.01 ETH Standard Token - 0.05 ETH Reflection Token - 0.1 ETH Dividend Token - 0.1 ETH Dividend & Buyback Token - 0.1 ETH Dual Reward Token - 0.15 ETH Rebase Token - 0.15 ETH Rebase & Dividend Token - 0.2 ETH

Simple Token - 30 MATIC Standard Token - 150 MATIC Reflection Token - 300 MATIC Dividend Token - 300 MATIC Dividend & Buyback Token - 300 MATIC Dual Reward Token - 400 MATIC Rebase Token - 400 MATIC Rebase & Dividend Token - 500 MATIC

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

If you are interested in creating a more personalized token for your project, please don't hesitate to reach out to Revoluzion to begin the process of developing your own token. We are available to assist you anytime.

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